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Everyone’s a hustler these days. Zooming from day duties straight to evening dates with the girlies without skipping a beat, there’s so much to do! But before that, let’s address the million-dollar question in the room—how can you be everywhere you want to be and still ace the fashion game? And that too, without lugging your wardrobe around. Umm… day-to-night lewks are the answer you’re looking for.

Even if you have two different plans in a single day, and a quick dash to your home for an outfit change is out of question, we have got you. We have the ultimate guide to help you slay your day-to-night looks. We are talking minimum effort, maximum style. So, pay attention, we are sharing some fun hacks that will have you serving looks 24/7.

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1. Pick a base

Before we get all enthu about creating different looks, we need a base to start with. Keep this in mind that your base is the most important part of the ensemble. Let’s simplify the “base” for you; it’s that crucial part of your entire ensemble with which you build your look. You can replace certain elements of the ensemble you have in mind, but your base would remain the same. So, choose wisely. Another rule of thumb to follow is to dress adaptably and pick your fundamental pieces that can be worn throughout the day. T-shirt dresses, tops, T-shirts in neutral tones are a good place to start. Even neutral-coloured bodysuits make for a good base, and they are a rage these days.

2. Layer it up

If your current search is for outfits for formal occasions, blazers are the first thing that will come to your mind. Pairing a blazer with a T-shirt isn’t unheard of, but did you know that it’s the easiest transitions of all. If mornings call for meetings and evening for café date with your best friend, a blazer can take your casual tee and jeans from “coffee run” to “CEO energy” in seconds. Also, if you want to ditch the blazer for the evening, swap it with a cool leather jacket. You are as good as new.

3. It’s all about the fabrics, folks

…but how? When you choose materials like fine cotton and silk, you’re choosing an overall aesthetic for your entire day. In fact, even the most basic dresses or tops will look expensive and in rich, fitted fabrics. Moreover, it’s important that you choose breathable fabrics for the base outfit so that you stay comfortable throughout the day.

4. Blazers and coats become your best friends

Now you know pairing a blazer with a t-shirt can completely change your look. So, get your hands on well-fitted blazers ASAP. Whether it’s a graphic t-shirt for women or your good old beige tank top, a sports coat or a bomber jacket will immediately elevate the look. You can sport a blazer with a t-shirt when you’re at work and lose it when you step out in the evening.


Now that we gave you the download on which clothes can help you transition seamlessly from day to night, let’s get down to getting the other factors that add the oomph factor to your entire ensemble.

1. You need the right bag

Nothing can dress up your outfit faster than the right bag. Do not, under any circumstance, carry your regular purse, briefcase, or tote, for your evening plan. Instead, the perfect purse with all its glittery elegance stands, proves to be a much better choice. Think a stylish mini crossbody bag or a bold shimmery clutch for your evening look. The right bag goes a long way in adding glitz to your outfit.

2. Business casual shoes? For the evening? That’s a no

Everyone has that one pair of shoes that they absolutely adore. While comfort is an important factor when choosing your footwear, let’s not forget to factor in the style quotient as well. So, even if you decide to wear your “sensible shoes” to work, carry your favourite stilettos along so that it takes you (and your outfits) to new heights. Also, if you’re wearing neutral-toned shoes to work, make sure that you go for bright or bold-colored heels. It’s all about elevating your look, whether it’s daytime or night.

3. Bold jewellery? A big yes!

Not generalising here, but most women have a jewellery box that’s overflowing with gorgeous, statement-making jewellery that have never been worn. Now’s the time to put these gems to work. Earrings, statement necklaces, rings, bracelets, and any other kind of body jewellery, makes the cut. Use these to go from a classic office lewk to a fun evening outfit. You’ll go from work-appropriate-attire to dance-floor-ready within seconds!

4. Change your makeup

If you wear conservative makeup to office, you might consider changing the look for your evening plan. You can start by replacing the neutral eyeshade for something bold or darker and add some dramatic eyeliner. A little blush and a bold red lip can alter your entire look within seconds.

Now that you know how easy it is to transition from a day look to a diva-like evening attire. Creating a day to night outfit is quite simple as you only have to combine the right base with the perfect pair of shoes, and match it with gorgeous accessories. Just have fun with it.